My opinion on gold investment(2023)

My opinion on gold investment

If you’re considering whether to buy gold right now, I recommend reading this post. The current international gold price has dropped significantly, and many people are considering investing in gold.

Gold price is inverse of dollar

  • In my opinion, the international gold price could potentially drop even further. The reason for this is that gold tends to move in the opposite direction of the value of the US dollar. Additionally, gold has no interest, so it becomes less attractive when interest rates rise.

Fed will raise interest rates more

  • Currently, the US Fed has been indicating the possibility of raising interest rates, leading to a stronger dollar. In this scenario, the international gold price would likely decline further. Therefore, I believe it is more efficient to secure more dollars and utilize them for investments.

Looking at the economic conditions, there is no reason for gold prices to rise. Therefore, I think it is better to currently secure more dollars and make use of them.

My opinion on gold investment

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